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Gert Lush

Gert Lush Hop

Quality. Naturally.



Craft beer, for the discerning drinker.  Brewed with care, near Glastonbury, on the Somerset levels.  Each beer is a unique experience, made with the highest quality ingredients and matured to perfection.


Flavour is first and foremost the most important thing, in all of our beers.

Never bland, never boring. At times, unapologetically intense.

Quench your thirst elsewhere.


Typically, at least 90% of beer is water. So we start with the best possible: fresh spring water.

We use the best organic ingredients and carefully cultured strains of live yeasts.

Packaged, produced and transported as sustainably as possible.

Gert Lush Beer Can


Beer isn’t cheap. So each mouthful should be an unforgettable experience.

All of our beers are vegan* friendly, many are gluten free too.

Brewed carefully to reduce hangovers**

The Beers

We believe in quality, not quantity. We are launching with just 5 of our favourite recipes. Each uniquely crafted for a sensation of flavour.
Gert Lush Sesh - American Pale Ale / Session IPA


American Pale Ale – 4.7% ABV
Gert Lush Shouting Lager


Lager, Lager, Lager – 4.5% ABV
Gert Lush Twin-Rotor Modern Bitter


Modern Bitter – 4.2% ABV
Gert Lush Nectar - Amber Ale


Amber Ale – 4.6% ABV
Gert Lush Godswallop - IPA


IPA – 6.9% ABV

Our Blog

Come along on the journey with us, as we get set up and grow…

Beer Showcase #1 Sesh – American Pale Ale / Session IPA

Beer Showcase #1 Sesh – American Pale Ale / Session IPA

Sesh.  Our Session IPA or American Pale Ale (yeah, we're going to really offend some beer geeks mixing those terms).  This is where it all started for us, the first beer brewed in the brewery and one we've refined over years leading up to that. Born out of the love...

What does Gert Lush mean?

What does Gert Lush mean?

So, what does the phrase “Gert Lush” actually mean?  By all accounts, it’s a positive statement and a colloquial phrase from the South West of England.  For many, gert lush is a quintessentially Bristolian phrase where gert means very/big and lush means lovely/good. ...

Taste Us

Get in touch to find your nearest supplier.

*yeah, we don’t put fish in it… we’re not weird.  You’d be surprised how many breweries do!

**you can read more about that here.