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Sesh.  Our Session IPA or American Pale Ale (yeah, we’re going to really offend some beer geeks mixing those terms).  This is where it all started for us, the first beer brewed in the brewery and one we’ve refined over years leading up to that.

Born out of the love for American C hops like Citra and Centennial, but delivered at a strength which doesn’t knock you off your feet after a few pints.

This isn’t a subtle knock-em-back session beer, it’s going to leave your tastebuds ringing, but a beer which can be enjoyed all night (or day).

What is a Session IPA?

We’ve simply taken the character of an IPA – the intense hops and balanced malt profile – and dialled down the alcoholic strength.  This makes it the ideal choice for a lengthy drinking session where intensity of flavour is a requirement.

The recipe was originally inspired by the likes of Adnam’s Ghost Ship, Oakam Citra and perhaps even a nod to Beavertown’s Neck Oil and a few other lower-strength hop-forward pale ales.

Intensity meets drinkability.

What’s in Sesh?

Sesh is a pale ale, brewed mainly with Organic Maris Otter pale malt with a hint of Vienna malt and a few other grains.  The hops are primarily the epic Citra and Centennial varieties – known for their knock-out citrus and tropical fruit punch.  We reserve the right to blend in a few other hops at times to balance the different flavour profile of each years hop crops – typically a dash of Simcoe, to provide a drier, slightly herbal undertone.

Sesh is brewed fairly cool and fermented even cooler – giving a light body and clean pallet.  It’s requires almost lager-like chilling to ensure it’s characteristic clarity of flavour.

There’s always a slight haze to the beer due to the sheer volume of hops used to dry-hop and infuse the flavour.  This isn’t NEIPA cloudy, but can show a slight haze for the eagle-eyed.

Food Pairing Suggestions?

This is an all-day, every-day session beer, so goes well with most foods.  Saltier and spicier dishes will balance against the intense hops delightfully, but our personal choice would be a roaring summer BBQ.

For the really adventureous, taste this after eating a very ripe Galia or Canteloupe melon… there’s a weird interaction with some of the sugars, possibly emzymes too, which massively elevates both malt and hop flavours – cranking this up to 11!

Sesh Cans - Gert Lush Beer