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The Gert Lush Brewing Company (website is just Gert Lush Beer for simplicity’s sake) started life during the 2020 coronavirus lockdown.  The dream of running a small craft brewery had been with me (Marc) for many years, but it took the world falling apart to shake it out of me.

So, yes… we’re a brewery.  A craft beer brewery no less… is there really another type of small brewery?  Do people actually wake up and decide to start a small, crap, commercial brewery these days?

Craft beer is in my blood (probably literally) – having trained others to brew via the Bigfoot Brewery for many years.  Before that, I’d been an avid homebrewer and enthusiastic beer drinker.  The brewing all started due to a frustration with how difficult it was to find decent beer; hard to imagine now, isn’t it!

Anyway, now the niche of tasty hoppy beer is broader than the average CAMRA member’s waistline.  So why does the world (or Somerset, at least) need another brewery?  It’s about quality and refinement.

I’m not going to name names, but you can still find terrible, or at least boring, beer in most pubs.  The craft beer revolution has done much to improve this, but even amongst these allegedly flavour-first pioneers of their craft there’s plenty of uninspiring swill.

It’s not just an argument about flavour either (although, that’s the most important part IMHO).  How many breweries are known for regularly using organic malts, hops or spring water?  How many ensure every brew is vegan friendly?  How many decent gluten free beers do you know of?

Okay, there are definitely some out there who fit the bill… but bringing this all together, under one brand, assiduously focussed on quality over quantity, that’s what we’re about.  No corners cut, no expenses spared.

And I hope you’ll discover that this focus and determination brews beers that taste Gert Lush.